Bridges - RPM2013

by Alex Xander Jacobs

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There are 3 distinct "flavors" of composition on this album. If you aren't moved by a particular song, I encourage you to skip ahead until you find something with more resonance. If you get to the end and haven't connected with anything, I offer my apologies and appreciation for your visit.

This is my 6th consecutive February album effort under the heading "RPM challenge." RPM stands for "Record Production Month" and involves signing up to join with the collective resolve of thousands of musicians around the world to create an album in its entirety during the month of February.

I never truly finish an album in February. The structure of the RPM challenge creates the container for the birth of an album. Along with that, it sometimes creates the feeling of a lack of completion. As I listen to the final projects, there are always: volume levels to change, sounds to add or remove, performances that didn't come out quite right. The songs come together like paintings in sound. Adding a layer here, a flourish of color there, working with the sound canvas, progressing it towards a feeling of wholeness.

It's important for me to remember the larger meaning of what these albums are. Record albums. A record of the sounds and processes that happened during the project period. By March 1st, the songs are collected, arranged in order, burned to a CD, and the ritual concludes with the mailing of that CD to RPM headquarters in New Hampshire. Then the process of creating the album is done.

The ending of the technical processes begins the album's life in the world. A copy is mailed to my biggest fans (my parents), and then it's uploaded to bandcamp to share on the social networks. It is my pleasure to share with you, Bridges: my 6th consecutive entry to the RPM challenge. The previous 5 albums are also available on this site.


released February 28, 2013

Old Pyrate Songs reinterpreted for the modern error.

All songs and process: Alex Xander Jacobs
With the help and support of all being.

Special thanks to "The Nest" for holding me so dearly and deeply through Winter.

and Daddy-o for sharing the lyrics of your heart, which became the song "Space Root."



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Alex Xander Jacobs

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Track Name: Infinite Sea
Track Name: Space Root
I breathe faster than time, I accelerate beyond space. I am a cyclist
I am son, sibling, spouse, father, zayde. I am a cyclist
Unbound by physics, I transcend known
My anatomy is metallic and carbon; dynamic, fluid, linear, constant.
You cannot degrade, dilute my purity nor focus. for, I am a cyclist

by my Daddy-o