Spectrum Ride - RPM2011

by Alex Xander Jacobs

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The most quickly accessible songs are located at the beginning of the playlist.

The original intent of this album is to cover a rainbow spectrum of emotion, from light to dark, and back to the combined white light. If you would like to experience the album, as a whole, in this format, please download the album and adjust your track list to reflect the following order:

Let Us Rise
Fly Inside
Lady Moon
Take Off Let Go
Rented Bones
Red Morning
Celtic Epic
Zebra Skeleton Imposter (Beefheart Homage)
Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu (traditional)


released February 28, 2011

Old Pyrate Songs reinterpreted for the modern error.

All songs and process: Alex Xander Jacobs
With the help and support of all beings.
Specifically: Sarita Golden (Vocals on tracks 6 and 9, and flute on track 7, as well as inspiration and support throughout the entire project)
And Jeffrey Fish for the electric guitar and bass loan.



all rights reserved


Alex Xander Jacobs

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Track Name: Let Us Rise
Let us rise rise open our eyes to the Light within
Let us rise rise open our eyes to the Love within
Let us rise rise open our eyes to the Heart within
Let us rise rise open our eyes to the Sky within
Track Name: Red Morning
There’s a red storm warning brewing overhead
churning waters hiding what is dead
we need a wind blowing cold and straight
take this ship to the ulcer wound of hate

Awake in the storm
alive in the pain
the rain is a bath
scrubbed clean by the rain

Red is the light
long is the night
hope becomes thin
the light comes again

Night turns to light
gone beyond the fright
safe harbor nears
gone are the fears
Track Name: Rented Bones
The endless sky won't dry your eye, nor shed a tear for thee
The rain won't quench your deepest thirst, nor sunrise help you see
The mountain won't provide your quest, or lift your legs in turn
The wind will kiss your every step, until your cheeks do burn
The mystic won't reveal your path, nor take away your fear
Your ears won't let you listen in, they only seem to hear
The traveler never leaves their home, tomorrow never comes
Yesterday will always ache inside these rented bones
Just because you spend your time running round the rim, doesn't mean you can't tip back and let yourself fall in.
Track Name: Fly Inside
Fly on through you
Fly on
Fly on to you
From outside into you
From outside
Fly into you
From outside into you
Track Name: Unmasked
No matter if its crown or shroud
everyone's stuck here on the ground
All this talk of fly away
We're not going far today

Burn that shroud or toss the crown
Fake your life, you're going down
Some suggest you fake your way
Here is what you have to say


I will not wear that mask today!
Track Name: Take Off Let Go
You can't take off what you don't put on
You can't put on what you don't let in
You can't let in what you don't let go
You can't let go what you don't take in
Track Name: Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu (traditional)
Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
Track Name: Celtic Epic
At dawn they rose unfurled the sail to start their journey home.
Abandoned hope of reaching shore with crew, all lives intact.
Oh perilous their journey home did promise to become.
To sail between the isle of woe and island of dismay.
To guard their hearts from demon lust and wardens of decay.
Guarding prisons of darkest thought in mountains of despair.
Their passage guarded only by their thoughts of wayward light.
Forgetting was their only sin, their punishment swiftly wrought.
The mountains root knew no name, but heat did serve to take.
With rivers of fear running through, but thirst not to be slaked.
Hold fast the oars and lock the doors when threading through the eye.
Look outward not for guided way, past anything but sky.
The isles call forth every soul, the wise sail straight on by.
And here this tale does end its thread, the meaning does abide.
Sail but straight and ye shall know the darkness that shall rise.
Track Name: Lady Moon
Lady Moon come to my dreams
Ride your beams around my head
Dreamtime flight arrival plan
Riding through my head of sand
Threads of thought
Sewing up these concepts wrought
Sailing through this light beam land
Riding high on ships of sand
From sun-kissed boardwalk by the sea
Here to blue eternity
Track Name: Zebra Skeleton Imposter - (Beefheart Homage)
My eyes are dotted across your cup of tea
Waiting for the chili dog to bark
It pays to have friends in green places
May your liver spots be ever clear

Zebra skeleton flash
Lost on the real thing
Flicker flash
Like a merry go round
Once per green horse
Horse hound
Pulled from the bar
Gaping wound of play fun
Bolt holes and paint chipped eyes
Staring for the ride to stop

Radiator laughs hiss stops into the
Glottal nightmare music darkness
The painting pony trots along the fence of your mine your mine he says
Mining for diamonds in the rough hands around your plywood past

Ocean tears pouring from the eye of the Sun
Roaring toward you in the night light sky
Night light night light day liquor.