Stars Inside - RPM 2017

by Alex Xander Jacobs

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Rpm 2017. 10 songs composed and recorded entirely during the month of February.

10 years in and this is just the beginning. Further, further down the rabbit hole.

This album encompasses a kaleidoscopic journey of styles and recording techniques/experiments.

If you don't connect to a particular track, please fast-forward. There's something for everyone.


released March 1, 2017

Old Pyrate Songs reinterpreted for the modern error.

It doesn't make sense to take credit for these songs anymore. I hear countless influences when I listen.

All songs and process: Alex Xander Jacobs
With the help and support of all being.

I walked the path of creating this album with two strong companions in my heart. First, Wes Phillips, your memory and musical legacy crackles in my cells. And Len Goldfine, thank you for inspiring reflection on your contribution to my understanding of the soul power of music as a young man. Both gone too soon.

And what would have been Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday also passed during the month. His music and passion were strongly on my mind, definitely influencing the vocal harmonies on a couple songs.



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Alex Xander Jacobs

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Track Name: Indian Rock
Sitting on this lonely ridge
Wind howling in my hair
In front of me
Expanse of sky

The light dancing
Slow-motion waltz
With the water and air

First star I see tonight
First star I see so bright
In a slow-motion dance
With the water and air

Sitting on this lonely ridge
The air dancing in my hair
In front of me
Expanse of sky

The people come to be at one
To gather alone
Together alone
Track Name: Until We Fall
Can't shake it
Can't break it, no
Wherever you go there you are
The ground below never felt so far

Two steps forward and three steps back
The train rolls forward but there is no track
Heading toward the edge and the next panel rises
Always rises until we fall

Fall until we zoom out, another abstraction
Hung up on the idea of always gaining traction
It's just vibration, a song in time
Tune into the sound above below within the rhyme
Track Name: Simmer and Burn
What I'd really like to say
Sometimes words get in the way
It's not always about what come out of your face

We can be right
or we can be wrong
We can fight
or we can sing songs

Sometimes we're wrong
when we're most right
The sun's not gone
just because it's night

I'm wondering if we might grow
Grow beyond what we know

I'm wondering if we might learn
The difference between simmer and burn
Track Name: Dolores Park
We may not get to eat the fruit
We just plant the seed
And on and on and on and on
We may not get just what we want
We get what we need

We look above below within
We miss the ground we ask our kin
We watch the sky we check the floor
Could this be the whole score?

More years pass some quit the search
Hold up props of joy and mirth
Sometimes we just can't see
We get what we need
Track Name: You Don't Have to Run
The way to the end is at the beginning
There's no winning
The way to the end is the way

Time is a place
A field within space
A ground to plant seeds of time

Who do we thank for this time in our lives?
Who made this dream come true?

We are the end and the beginning
There's no winning
We are the field within time
Track Name: Some Idea
You really wanna move it out
Get it out
Well there's just one problem
It always comes back

We send it up
We send it out
Get it off get it out
But it comes around

Get it off me
Shout it out
Shoot it out
Get outta my backyard

Hit look out look out
It's coming down
Track Name: Calamity Abatement Protocol
No Mo Sam Man Da Moto Nan Oha Ra
Chi Koto Sha Sono Nan To Ji To En
Gya Gya Gya Ki Gya Ki
Un Nun Shifu Ra Shifu Ra
Hara Shifu Ra Hara Shifu Ra
Chisu Sa Chisu Sa Chisu Ri Chisu Ri
Soha Ja Soha Ja Sen Chi Gya Shiri Ei
Somo Ko
Track Name: Shepherd's Way
well I came to a fork in the road
traveling forth one day
no sign of suggestion in sight
pointing forth my way

along came a shepherd with cape and crook
we spoke without a sound
then I knew how to pick the road
we'd be walking down

I saw in the eyes of the shepherd
peace with which she roamed
my feet then carried me forward
my heart already home

today someone asked me for directions
traveling forth their way
I just held the shepherd in my heart
smiled and said good day
Track Name: Outro - Note to Self
What is the perfect day?
Love and work and rest and play
Tell me what you did what you did today
Would you do with the same if you had it your way?