Gestures - RPM2014

by Alex Xander Jacobs

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RPM 2014: This is my 7th consecutive contribution to the RPM challenge, 10 songs (or 35 minutes of music) entirely conceived and executed in the month of February.

• a movement ... to express an idea or meaning
• an action performed to convey one's feelings or intentions.

Gestures is my best attempt to capture the melodic and rhythmic feelings and flows that emerged in my life since the completion of Bridges, last year. This past year provided the greatest opportunity for playing music thus far in my life. Aside from my job as a bedside musician at a hospital, I also played at several senior citizen residential facilities and day programs. Playing for kirtans, at tea shops, and at impromptu jams with friends filled out the rest of the week. It was a time most dense with music.

And I can say with humility (and some degree of pride) that I think the performances on this album are my best yet. Of course, I continued to dance with latency issues this year (for those not yet initiated to the concept - unless your recording system is better calibrated than mine, there will always be some delay introduced between the moment you play a note, and where it gets recorded in time on the computer's hard drive). In the case of my system, the delay is significant, which then involves some painstaking adjustments to try to correct the timing flaws. It's a subtle difference, but the more I practice, the more I rely on that subtle timing to deliver the full feel.

RPM stands like a bridge pylon in a swift river. No matter what the particular demands of life might be each year, the flow of activity again yields gracefully to the project. Each year I wonder how it will be completed. Each year it is done.

And for this, I am grateful. I hope you enjoy.


released February 21, 2014

Old Pyrate Songs reinterpreted for the modern error.

All songs and process: Alex Xander Jacobs.
With the help and support of all being.
Notably: the original inspiration, my parents, to whom this entire body of work is dedicated; Cool Aunt Robin, my first guitar teacher; Papa K, your memory lives on through this music, seeded through the energy and love of your offspring; JP, for helping me hook up one of the best RPM bedroom recording studios yet; The Poet Pistachio for the undying inspiration of your undying inspiration; My good brother Abe for ripening a deeper appreciation for songwriting and harmonies; You, yes you, too!



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Alex Xander Jacobs

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